Living On Purpose
The Poetry of Life
For the Young and Old
By Jackie Arnell Duncan
"The Poetic Teacher"


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"His writing is very inspiring, uplifting, and straight from the heart. You can.... And should get his new book on Amazon or track him down
"in person via Lion Marilyn Morris who provided this great program."     Tullahoma Lions Club Member 

"Just finished reading your book on my kindle. Loved it. Plan on purchasing at least 3 or more books from you to give away as Christmas Gifts. Hope to also get one for myself signed by you. You are a great writer and a great person."   Kay Hutson

"Your book is so inspiring! I wish you much success. I see now why they call you the "Poetic Teacher." Keep sharing your words of wisdom."  Patricia H. Wesson

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Jackie Arnell Duncan
"The Poetic Teacher"


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