Living On Purpose
The Poetry of Life
For the Young and Old
By Jackie Arnell Duncan
"The Poetic Teacher"


The Bridge

I am a bridge; you are a bridge. We are the present, connecting the past with the future. By whatever means we may have gotten here, we are not here by accident. My mother and father, your mother and father, and theirs before them were all bridges that have kept the world connected since the beginning of time. The job ahead of each generation is such an important one. The good thing about it is that we have a lifetime to finish it; the bad thing is that lifetimes are often so short. That’s even more reason to quickly find our purpose and make our numbered days here on earth count. Here’s a clue to finding your purpose: it’s something you have a talent for and would enjoy doing full-time with no pay if only you could figure out how to pay the bills.

Man is a purpose-driven creature. There is a reason for every action we take, but most of all, there is a purpose for our living. Look at the big picture. If someone could wave a magic wand that would allow you to be whatever you wanted to be, what would you choose? Some people are naturals, and it’s very obvious they were born to do what they do, while others have to search for their true calling. Oh, but if and when they find it—their true purpose—their jobs no longer become mere work but labors of love, and they never work another day in their lives.

If you’ve ever wondered or asked that proverbial question, “Why am I here?” you are not alone. Before the world was formed—before the moon and sun were hung—you were chosen to participate in this adventure called life. Always know that you are special and that you possess a gift called the present, which was placed in you at birth to be deposited in the here and now. There is a purpose for your being. There is a calling on your life. There is much work to do.

In the meantime, be the best bridge you can be. Make every day count, and always know that each new day brings with it a new beginning. It offers to all who are in need of it a brand-new start. Life is a blessing. Live it well, and be blessed. Don’t let it just happen to you; be proactive and happen to life. Live it with meaning; live it with gusto. Show that you really appreciate this great present given you. Wisdom has always taught us that for every question, there is an answer; for every problem, there is a solution; and where there’s life, there’s always hope—so never give up. You are no doubt on your greatest journey ever. Find your calling and make the difference you were intended to make by living on purpose.

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