by Jackie Arnell Duncan

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Living On Purpose
The Poetry of Life
For the Young and Old
By Jackie Arnell Duncan
"The Poetic Teacher"



The Man From Tullahoma

Jackie Duncan is a Coffee County commissioner in Tullahoma, Tennessee.  He was born at Camp Forrest Army Base in Tullahoma, which later became Arnold AF Base.

After graduating Davidson Academy High School in Tullahoma, he attended Tennessee State University in Nashville.  He later lived briefly in Southern California.  He lived all of his early years only blocks from the army hospital where he was born, then elementary and high school only blocks from there. He worked within ten minutes of home at Arnold AF Base, has attended the same church, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church all his life, where he continues to serve on the Deacon Board, again, only blocks away. He still resides within a minute from where it all began.

His life has been one of service and support to many organizations over the years. He is a member of the Tullahoma Area Chamber of Commerce, member of Dream Tullahoma Committee, president of the Davidson Academy School Reunion Committee, vice president of the South Central Tennessee Chapter of the TSU Alumni Association, Chairman of HWR Committee for the Coffee County Commission, and sings with several area choirs.

Living on Purpose (The Poetry of Life), is a volume of inspirational and up-lifting poetry that can be applied to the lives of most everyone. The poems offer practical solutions to so many of our everyday life problems. They were derived through serious thought, good sound judgment, and wisdom from above. They offer guidance and direction as well as, just good reading. Every age group will be able to relate to, and benefit from, Living on Purpose

Living on Purpose (The Poetry of Life) is full of inspirational and uplifting poetry for everyone. The poems offer practical solutions to many of our daily problems. They offer guidance and direction as well.


Jackie Duncan, the man from Tullahoma, Tennessee, speaks words of wisdom wherever he goes.  He is sometimes known as the "Poetic Teacher." 
The following poem describes what some might say about him.

Jackie Duncan 
The Poetic Teacher"

There’s a man from Tullahoma, That many have come to know.

He’s not a priest,

He’s not a preacher,

He’s known as “The Poetic Teacher”

He’s lived his poetry,

So he speaks of truths,

He’s learned as an adult,

And experienced as a youth.

He goes around seeking,

Those of whom he can serve,

And then he leaves them

With a poetic word. 

Whatever the subject discussed with you,

He’s sure to say,

 “I’ve got a poem about that too!”

He’s filled with wisdom,

A man many deeply respect.

 He’s out to help, and not to get.

He’s one of the greatest teachers ever told.

His poetic teachings reach the soul.

And as he walks life’s path each day,

He shares a word of hope to others along his way.

He’s a poetic teacher,  so he rhymes each word,

With precision and clarity

To ensure it’s heard. 

He’s humbled as one marvels at the words he speaks,

And he always gives God the praise,

He’s not a priest,

He’s not a preacher,

He’s known as...... 

“The Poetic Teacher.”

 To the Man From Tullahoma, Jackie Duncan, Tullahoma,Tennessee

Patricia H. Wesson, Copyright, September, 2011

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