by Jackie Arnell Duncan

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Living On Purpose
The Poetry of Life
For the Young and Old
By Jackie Arnell Duncan
"The Poetic Teacher"



I Owe Much To Many

My greatest cheerleader in life was my now-deceased mother, Mabel Duncan. She had an attitude of gratitude and love. “She was tougher, by far, than a five-cent steak and had a spirit that might bend but never break.” She loved that phrase.

Another great source of my encouragement and one of perhaps my best life teachers was my late fiancée, Dr. Gloria A. Griffith. Psychology professors grade a little harder than mothers, but her love, support, and belief in me was always there.

To my loving family, especially my sister Lynda who constantly reminded me of the need to finish this book, and to all of you who applauded and engaged me over the years, whether you partnered with me to bless that special someone through the gift of poetry, or whether you just stood on the sidelines and cheered me on—thank you, for it was because of you that I was so encouraged.

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